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Earn a 15% commission on purchases by visitors from your website or blog!

If you have a dog-related website or blog, you can earn money for yourself or for your organization by linking to this website.

Get started by following these easy steps:

Sign up with commission junction

Apply to the CafePress Affiliate Program
If approved, create links to this site (banner or text)
Earn 15% commission on sales from your website, blog, or emails! (please don’t spam anyone)

This website is part of, which is made up of hundreds of individual online shops. In order to earn money sending people to this site, you must sign up for the CafePress affiliate program hosted by Commision Junction, the web’s largest and most trusted affiliate marketing company.

Once you have been approved into the CafePress affiliate program (run through Commission Junction) you can use these resources to get started.

A detailed guide to creating these links can be found at:
Here’s a helpful and detailed tutorial:
CafePress also provides helpful forums for affiliates at:

The basics of creating an affiliate link to this site:

Once you sign up with Commission Junction, they will give you a unique “PID” which is your unique ID number. By including this unique number in a link from your site, you will receive a 15% commission on any purchases by that visitor for 30 days!

In order to properly track orders, the link must also include this site’s cafepress location, which is “”. (not to Therefore, if you want to link to the homepage, the complete link on your site or blog would look like this:

Note that in this case, the only thing you would replace from the link above is to replace PID with your unique PID number from Commission Junction.

If you want to link directly to the Pug section of this shop, just add the full address of the pug section at the end:

Remember not to link to “,” as that link won’t be able to track your affiliate number. (link must contain “”) if you click on a product section in my shop, you will see that each section or product has its own location which looks like this Pug section:

Although you should feel free to make your own links and images, here are a couple that you can use:

obeythepurebreed banner

obeythepurebreed banners

chairman meow banner blink