Dog breed and cat t-shirts approved by Chairman Meow

pug big brother

Dog breed and cat t-shirts & gifts – You probably realize that you are a mere servant to your dog, and obey their every command. But, did you know that this is merely part of a your dog’s larger plot to rule the entire world?

Dogs (and some say, Cats) have had their paws in world politics for many years, using world leaders as pawns and even establishing themselves as fixture in the Whitehouse.  Now, because of reports of increased Terrier chatter, the government is warning us that they may be ready to launch the final phase of their diabolical plot! Support dog and cat world domination with t-shirts and gifts approved by Chairman Meow.

yellow lab
Labrador Retriever
Boston Terrier
bernese mountain dog
Bernese Mountain
shar pei
Shar Pei
cocker spaniel
Cocker Spaniel
pit bull
Pit Bull
sheltie dog
shih tzu
Shih Tzu
welsh corgi
french bulldog
French Bulldog
schnauzer dog
abyssinian cat
russian blue cat
Russian Blue
maine coon cat
Maine Coon Cat
puggle dachshund
ceiling cat chairman meow poster
i has a flavor funny cat tshirt
reagan t-shirt reagan t-shirt
funny baby t-shirt funny baby t-shirt
cat bumper sticker

funny bumper sticker

basset hound honor student

Buy funny cat and dog breed t-shirts

Villager3If you are ruled by your dog or cat, let others know with these gifts approved by Great Leader Chairman Meow. If you are undecided, please read the testimonial below from one of our recent customers:

Approved testimonial of villager who bought a t-shirt recently from this site:

“I go onto, one of only nine websites not censored in my village. I read humorous blog of Great Leader Chairman Meow, and then buy wonderful t-shirt honoring his excellency. I also buy funny dog bumper sticker to put on back of my mule. T-shirt is of highest quality, and price is onlyone week of wages at potassium mine. OK, I read… now please let go of arm!” – Yakoff

shih tzu

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